Log Purchasing

Round wood in form of logs is the basis of our profession

The purchase of logs depends on trust. Due to many years of experience and a very good payment record, we are the ideal partner for purchasing your logs. You can rely 100% on us, we take care of everything – starting with quick removal of the logs from your woods through measurement to billing.  

Since we primarily produce high-quality slats for door and window construction, we put a lot of value on the quality and origin of round timber by trying to source 98% of it regionally. If you have logs for sale that meet the criteria below, our purchasing department will be happy to assist you.

Quality criteria:

Sawable hardwood
(40+ centimeters)
Wood type: spruce, larch, fir, pine
Quality: A, B, C, Cx
Length: 3 to 5 meters

Purchasing Department

CEO Huber Friedrich, Ing.

Purchase and sale (Round and sawn timber)

Tropper Martin, Ing.

Purchase (Round timber)